Marshall 2555 JCM Slash

For a few years I have been looking for Silver Jubilee amps. I managed to get the 2554 small combo and the 2550 50w head. The 2550 is now a regular in my live setup for the band Hitmachine. It's the perfect amp for that band. Having a 50w head is great but a 100w head must be even greater :-)  Unfortunatly there are few available and if one pops up on the market the bidding usually gets out of hand. When I came across a 2555 I got lucky as this one is more of a hidden gem in the Silver Jubilee line. It's not a Silver Jubilee per say but rather a perfect replica made 9 years later on request from Slash who for years have been using the Silver Jubilees (still does ...)
So I am really happy to add this to my collection. It's looks great and seems to be in real good condition. It sounds even better than the 50w and it will soon be my new main live amp !
What is super cool is having the matching Marshall 1960 Slash signature 4x12 Cabinett with Vintage 30 speakers.


OOne new amplifier that has received a lot of attention recently is the Marshall limited edition JCM Slash Signature Model Stack. Marshall advertisements proclaim this product to be a "deadly accurate reissue of the all-tube, 100 watt Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555, first released in 1987."

Marshall released the first photo of the amp in guitar magazines in April 1996, but I'm sure that this was introduced previous to that at the 1996 NAMM show.The amps are already at dealers. Marshall literature states that this is a limited edition of 3000 units. If you try one at your local dealer and like it, you'd better buy it now. Marshall indicates as of 8/97 that this amp has "sold out."

The Slash model speaker cabinets come with a snakeskin vinyl cover. It looks very cool and will guarantee that the cabinet vinyl convering and speaker grille remains intact that much longer. I wish more of their cabinets came with slip-on vinyl covers! The matching cabinets feature a metal badge.

An easily overlooked difference between the special edition amps and the regular 100 watt tube heads in the JCM 900 line is that the Slash head offers impedance selections of 4, 8, and 16 ohms. This allows the guitarist to drive four 1960 series 4x12 cabinets in parallel (i.e., 4 ohms). The SL-X and Dual Reverb heads only allow impedance options of 8 and 16 ohms (i.e., one or two 16 ohm cabinets).

The Slash amplifier also features two pull knobs to change channels and to kick in extra gain. So for the guitarist who's stuck at the gig with a broken footswitch, changing channels can still be accomplished (albeit by hand).

Physical size of the head is the same as the SL-X (see specifications section for that head). See also our page of suggested tone settings for the Slash Signature and Silver Jubilee model amps.

Marshall Slash